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Sebago celebrates 50th birthday.

Heat tanned leather, caringly sewn by hand. Slip-proof rubber soles. Brass eyelets. Footwear that is as tough as it is comfortable: functional and elegant. Docksides, for 50 years the quintessential boating shoes. A cult object endowed with the rare gift of exceptional things; becoming ever more beautiful with the passing of time.

This most iconic boating shoe was born in 1970, when Sebago® – a company established in Maine (USA) in 1946 renowned for its penny loafers, shoes worn by John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn – created the perfect “boating moccasin”. A design inspired by the geography and traditions of New England, with its sea, lakes and sailing traditions, where the trend-setting American élite goes on holiday.

Docksides were a symbol of excellence right from the start. From the choice of the leather to the manufacturing process, everything is done with a rigorous artisanal approach in accordance with Maine’s best manufacturing techniques.

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