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Partnering with the right faces to help amplify brand exposure.

We live in a media climate fuelled by celebrities and influencers. Consumer purchasing decisions have never been influenced more by the brands which their favourite celebrities are backing. Not only do these relationships and endorsements help to deliver powerful dialogues between you and your customers, they also drive sales.

Fabric PR’s agency relationships with on-brand celebrities and influencers mean that our celebrity placements match the right people to your brand – driving brand awareness, generating media interest and igniting consumer sales.

celebrity placement

Fabric PR regularly gifts and loans products to celebrity influencers, favouring this approach rather than ‘paid-for’ placement. In return, we negotiate with our gift recipients to provide images and social media shouts. We also monitor picture desks and social media daily for images of product placement.

Crucially, we don’t simply ‘pick up’ on coverage – we use celeb-led product placement images as tools to generate celebrity PR coverage across the celeb-led media, choosing the right channels to deliver maximum results.

Fabric PR will introduce your collections to the right celebrities and digital influencers to amplify your brand positioning and strategic aims. And, where they are required we will undertake any celebrity and influencer contract negotiations on your behalf.

The aim is simple yet essential, to build compelling relationships which speak directly to your audience.

celebrity placement

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