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Bringing strategic campaigns to life.

Targeted campaigns enable brands to engage in meaningful two-way dialogues, not only with their consumers, but also stockists, target media and relevant influencers and celebrities.

Fabric PR creates and delivers campaigns to elevate brand awareness and help position your brand as trusted, aspirational and desirable to your consumers.

Fashion film production London

From inception through to launch, Fabric PR delivers every ingredient of your campaign. Our content creation services include fashion video production & fashion film production, campaign shoots, Instagram flat-lays and lookbook imagery, generating high-quality, shareable content built around your budget.

We also deliver opportunities for client collaborations, identifying on-brand partners from media titles to likeminded fashion, accessories and lifestyle brands. Following a selection process with our clients, Fabric PR begins the required dialogues and negotiates contracts before developing high-exposure campaigns to bring your collaborative partnerships to life.

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